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Telegram Launches Crypto Feature on TON Blockchain: Buy Premium Subscriptions Now!

• Telegram has launched a new feature that allows users to purchase premium subscriptions with TON.
• The feature was developed in partnership with Fragment, a digital marketplace built on the TON blockchain.
• Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, said he was impressed by the success of recent auctions for domain/wallet names on TON.

Telegram Launches Crypto Feature Supported by TON Blockchain

Telegram recently announced the launch of a new crypto feature supported by its native blockchain, TON (Telegram Open Network). Users from the platform can now purchase premium subscription with Toncoins using Fragment’s website. This is part of Telegram’s effort to expand its crypto capabilities and offer users access to digital assets.

Fragment: A Key Partner for Telegram

Fragment is a payment provider and digital marketplace built on top of the TON blockchain and launched in 2022. It provides users with access to tokenized Telegram handles, TON-based gifts, and more. Andrew Rogozov, a founder at the TON Foundation commented: “We’re delighted the Fragment team continues to deepen the integration with Telegram messenger and extend its functionality.” He added that their goal is to create an user-friendly experience that will bring blockchain technology to the masses.

Usernames Auction on TON Network

Last year Telegram introduced usernames auction on its network which enabled people accesing accounts without providing their phone number. According ro Pavel Durov this system improved privacy while protecting against bad actors and centralized entities taking control over personal data. He also mentioned that auctions had been quite successful saying: “Wallet.ton was sold for 215,250 Toncoin (~$260000) while casino.ton was sold for ~$244000.”

Expanding Crypto Capabilities

The development team behind Telegram are constantly working towards expanding their crypto capabilities as well as user access to digital assets . Recently they have launched several features including username auctions and premium subscription purchaseable with Toncoins using Fragment’s website – all part of their efforts towards mass adoption of blockchain technology .


With these developments it looks like we will soon be seeing more people engaging in cryptocurrency transactions via platforms such as Telegram – making it easier than ever before for anyone interested in exploring this space .